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Promiscuous women

Reasons why women sleep around

Often a man’s peers will let him think that the more women he can get into bed, the more of a man he is.

The woman can often be viewed as nothing more than another notch on a man’s belt. Not so long ago, men had a monopoly on playing the field in this way but in a few short years, women have caught up to their male counterparts. Today many women are acquiring a reputation for one-night stands and flings.

So why are women sleeping around more than ever before?

Read on for some possible explanations for this relatively recent development in female behavior.

No time for relationships

Anyone who’s ever been in a long-term relationship knows that keeping it in working order often takes a high level of dedication and willingness on the part of both parties involved. Going out of your way to work through a difficult period in the relationship demands much more time and effort than just calling it quits.

This kind of devotion doesn’t seem to be something that your average Gen-X woman has the time or patience for. She’s probably too busy trying to get her career in high-gear and spending time with her friends to dedicate too much time and energy to a boyfriend.

For such women, the investment in time and sheer effort required for a serious relationship just isn’t worth their while. They prefer keeping things casual and strictly for kicks, rather than having to deal with the potential inconvenience of a boyfriend.One-night stands are the perfect solution for these women because they get all the good stuff and none of the bad. They get to go on the dates, enjoy the dinners and weekend getaways, and the rush of having sex with a new partner, without having to contend with compromising themselves for another person or what they deem to be annoying male habits.

Fear of commitment

Other women choose sleeping around over being in a relationship because they’re scared of opening themselves up to a man, and making themselves vulnerable in the process.
Maybe they’ve been hurt in the past and believe that sleeping around is a good way to avoid developing any real feelings for another person, which would create the possibility of them getting hurt again.A fun pastime, revenge, getting over the ex, and more

Sex is a fun activity

Some women just love sex. In fact, they love the act more than the guy they happen to be having sex with. For these women, sex is the ultimate pastime and they are going to get it as often as possible. They’re hot to trot and want instant gratification.
Whenever the opportunity presents itself, they are going to take full advantage of it. Their motto is simply “why not?”

Finding revenge

Many women believe that men have been playing this game much longer than they have. Consequently, many women have been treated as little more than playthings by some men out there.
While some women can learn from such experiences and avoid letting them happen again, other women will seek revenge, not always with the guy in question, “every man” must pay for the heartache that was inflicted on them.
Instead of understanding that they had one or two bad experiences, they proclaim themselves victims and put all men in the same basket. By sleeping around, they’re hoping to hurt other men like they were hurt.

To forget their ex partners

Some women use casual sex as a way to forget their exes. They sleep with a variety of men in order to get over the hurdle of ending a relationship. They avoid loneliness like the plague and will do anything to fill the void that the breakup has left them with.
By not focusing their attention on one person, they’re sure not to let any emotions interfere with their desire to drown their sorrow in numerous one-night stands. When they’re ready for another boyfriend, they’ll usually stop sleeping around.

Don’t know how to say “no”

It’s a fact that many women have a hard time saying “no.” They try to be there for their friends and families, their bosses and co-workers, and the list goes on. Sometimes, this willingness to please extends to their personal lives as well, and they find themselves unable to turn down a man’s advances.
They actually feel guilty turning a man down for sex. They may even go as far as to think that because a guy took them out for dinner and was nice to them, they’re obliged to sleep with one’s sleeping, really

Although there are many other reasons for why women sleep around, these are some of the most common. Gone are the days of men ruling the playing field. It seems that women are just as capable and willing to be players as men are.

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