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Ten reasons why sex is better when your over 40

Better sex for over 40’s

let us tell you why some of us believe sex just gets better with age. If you are over 40 with a healthy sex life thenmaybe you can relate to some of these points if your still young then look at what you can look forward to when having sex in your 40’s.

Here are 10 reasons why sex is better when you are over 40 years old.

  1. I know how to ask for it. – I’ve given up doing the subtle hints noises in favour of specific instructions (delivered gently, mind you), which is a terrific relief all round. Similarly, at this age you can be totally honest during sex, as in, “You’re joking, I can’t bend over there,” and “Don’t make me do that, I’ve eaten too much.”
  2. In general, I say what I’m thinking in the bedroom. – For example, Do we actually have to, I am so tired? Shall we make time tomorrow instead. If you were young and impressionable you might think that this is not romantic, but it’s fantastic. When people talk about honesty in the relationship, this is what they mean.
  3. I can laugh about it when I get cramp/get stuck etc. – Obviously I always did laugh about it but now there isn’t that small feeling of self-doubt when it happens, and the mild suspicion that they might be thinking they are a bit clumsy, heavy, or unfit.
  4. After the age of 40 you are just more self-aware. – This gives you the aura of a woman/man with hidden depths rather than a shallow person who doesn’t yet know who they really are – which, in turn, intrigues people and makes them work harder at any relationship.
  5. Women get increasingly open about sex – girlfriends who have never so much as mentioned sex before will say, but have you tried the Rabbit from Ann Summers? You really should. But not on top speed.
  6. I don’t need to analyse it. When you’re over 40 you realise sex is sex and, quite often, it is just for sex’s sake and means absolutely nothing.
  7. The chances are that he’s roughly your age, and that means he’s: a) More experienced; b) Genuinely likes women or he would be sleeping with a 28-year-old, and c) He’s taking life a little bit slower. All of which are good for having great sex.
  8. I don’t need to talk afterwards to feel reassured. Frequently, I’d rather not talk after sex, and I don’t need to speak before sex either.
  9. I tend to go to bed a bit earlier so, sometimes, you can be having sex before midnight and be relatively sober. This is unheard of in your youth and throughout most of your thirties – and sex is better without room spin.
  10. You can play the Mrs Robinson-type after 40. Your options are broader. I think I’m more attractive than I was ten years ago. This may be to do with losing my insecurities, but it’s also about everything in life being in it’s rightful place.

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